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ELB Audio Post

Tom Martin

Creative Assembly


ELB Composer

Richard Atkinson

Total War: Three Kingdoms - Fates Divided




End Level Boss - Total War Three Kingdoms Fates Dividedmusic and sound company for gaming, game trailers, composition, bespoke, game music, music licensing, sync licensing, music clearance, sound designer, final mix, gaming, trailer, Music Production, Music Supervision, Sound Design, Audio Post Production. Music For Gaming company. London, UK

Creative Assembly invited us to work on the trailer for 'Fates Divided', the seventh DLC of real-time turn based strategy game Three Kingdoms, and part of the Total War Saga developed by Creative Assembly, published by SEGA.

The music brief was to deliver a dynamic cinematic score that follows the narrative of the trailer,

In parallel to the creation of the music, the sound effects were developed to accent drama, battles and bring depth to this realisation of ancient China.

Once everything had been approved, we mixed the score, dialogue & SFX provided and mastered the final mix. 


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